Triop has been given a great opportunity to perform at this years Buddhapalooza being held in Chattanooga Tennessee.

This will be our first out of state show and we are really excited that it coincides with this event.

The music we play is a meditation in itself, and being able to share it with fellow seekers of peace of mind is an awesome thing.

To learn more about this event, visit this website or read quoted text below:

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November 23, 2011

Last year on and around Thanksgiving, we(David Carter, Bret Phillips) got together and recorded the majority of material used on this album.

Guest Appearance by Brett Reagan on Planning a Short Vacation

Recorded at the Ozone Lair Studios 2010

Mixed, and mastered at Phatcave by Bret Phillips and David Carter 2011

Last year during the week of Thanksgiving, we came together and wanted to record some new material.

Our thought was to record it live, with the mission to play each piece as slow as possible.

Over the next week or so we, Bret Phillips and David Carter, were able to record almost all of the material you hear on our record Triopical. The remainder having been created during the mixing process through various techniques.

It’s taken us about a year to finish mixing and mastering, getting the artwork together, and packaging up this album, so we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Triops is a genus of small crustaceans in the order Notostraca (tadpole shrimp). They are considered living fossils, with a fossil record that reaches back to the Carboniferous, 300 million years ago. – wikipedia